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3 Dimension March 17, 2008


Nadeem. S. here.

As a 3d modeler, life brings in loads of challenges and an equal amount of fun for me at TD studios.

We are currently working on a little too many projects using varied media and the learning in the process is amazing. With Ananth, by our side and as he guides us to ue and bring forth our skills in 2d, 3d, clay animation, photo realistic stills, graphic art, etc. the journey in print, web and 3d media has been amazing so far.

Keep watching the space as we load up the creative world with our new site and art works….

Thanking You



“A moving car looks like a colourful blur” March 7, 2008

…..once said by Pop Art legend Andy Whorl, who painted his BMW Art car by hand – unlike other who use scale models.

 Hi, I am Yasir, (aka DJ YasR©), team member of TD(Techdivine) Studios. On behalf of every member, I warmly welcome you to “TD Studios”.

I thank Mrs. Neela S. and Mr Ananth V. for bringing up our team through means of this Web Blog.

With us, at TD Studios, you will find enormous talents of every artist.

As the blog keeps getting updated, and the works and skills get added in, with which every member of this team also would lay out their experiences, imaginations, talents and many more.

So, once more, Welcome to Techdivine Studios 

Thanking you,

Ansari Yasir

(TD Studios) 


A grand welcome by Shafaque Patel March 6, 2008

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I am Shafaque Patel and I welcome you all to our new and first blog of TD studios. 
It’s just the beginning and the art and ideas would be flowing in scores soon. Pretty soon there will be reports; photos of our works, as Mrs.Neela rightly said, The Making etc of our current project.   So all of you can, look forward for loads of such adrenaline rushing concepts from all of us at TD studios. And a very Special  Thanks to our Mr.Ananth V who has created and contributed in scores technically and creatively for TD studios at all times, and thank you so much for the blog Loads more to come….. 

Till then keep watching these spaces….. 

Thanking You

Shafaque Patel


Techdivine Studios – By Neela Shinde March 4, 2008

Hi, I welcome you all to our first blog at Techdivine studios.

I am Mrs.Neela Shinde – VP Resource Management at this online designing studio referred by all of us as “TD studios”

This being the first post, a little bit about our group and artists at TD studios:Techdivine studios is a newly formed online designing digital studio and provides technical specialist solutions.

Started of as a dream and it has evolved by a group of designers and technical trainers in Mumbai. Today we are a total of 18 members on site and offline.

Other Departmental heads & Specialist Consultants:

Ms.Shafaque Patel and Mr.Yasir – Planning & Budgeting heads

Mr.Nadeem  – 3d Modeling head

Mr.Vaibhav – Storyboard head

Mr.Ananthanarayan V – Brand and Product consultant

Mr. Anandhapadmanabhan  – Financial Adviser

TD studios was started in January 2007.

This technical consultation services specializes in Online media and content.Its main products are designing digital artworks, creative content for publishing industry and animations for media / print and online media. It also has its clientele with outsourced projects from UAE and USA for print, online media and architectural walkthroughs in animation and digital compositing.

Techdivine studios also known for its creative spaces artwork and photorealistic 3d print solutions operates a diversified training consultation for Corporates and groups for technical training in creative art and is in the process of vastly expanding with major registrations and IP rights being taken in complete order of its digital domain solutions.Run through the technical expertise and knowledge under the brand Techdivine, it is steadily creating its mark in the print, design and software training solutions industry.

I welcome you all to be a part of this quickly rising design solution studio and hope you will enjoy this blog as much as we are enjoying this journey of learning and growing in art and design functions.

Keep looking at this space for more write ups, contributions, art works, The Making informaton from our artists and departmental heads.

A very sincere thanks to Mr.Ananth V for regular updation, moderation and maintenance of the Techdivine blog sites.

Thanking you

Mrs.Neela Shinde